Monday, March 23, 2009

Save TIME and MONEY while providing your family the healthiest food available!

Golden Rule CSA is now providing local produce
grown with organic methods* to the Bowling Green Area. Produce is delivered to two convenient Bowling Green locations to save you time. Locally grown organic produce is a cheaper and fresher option than produce available in stores. Early Bird discounts are available!
Space is limited! For more information email

What is CSA?
Community Shared Agriculture puts the community back in farming in a fresh new way. Through this arrangement you can join with farmers to create a local food economy by purchasing annual shares in their crops, doing away with middlemen, bureaucracy, and waste. CSA brings the freshest possible food to city folks while sharing with them a rural way of life. This support of community allows small independent farmers to not only stay in farming but find a better way to farm. A share will equal 1⁄4 bushel or more delivered weekly for 28 weeks. For those large families who need more, a second share will be available at a discounted rate.

Pricing Options:
For those who are able, a one-time lump sum payment in full is always appreciated. It sure simplifies matters. For this reason we are offering a discount to those who pay up front as opposed to a payment plan. Also, it is truly, truly helpful if you sign up early. As an incentive to encourage folks to please sign up early, we are offering a discount to all who pay in full or submit their deposit now.
Total cost if Paying in Full in one Lump Sum: Discounted Lump Sum Paid-in-Full price = $400

Payment Plan:
Discounted Plan: $25 deposit , 4 payments of $100 due April 1, May 1, June 1, July 1 = $425
Discounted 2nd share for large families with many mouths to feed = additional $280 if Paying in Full in one Lump Sum. Add to the Lump Sum Paid-in-Full cost of your 1st share (above) which is determined by when you pay.
Discounted 2nd share Payment Plan: three additional payments of $100 due August 1, Sept. 1, Oct. 1. Tack on to appropriate payment plan (above). The amount of your deposit is determined by when you submit your deposit.

*The famer has decided not to continue the USDA Organic Certification because of the amount of paperwork involved, though he still uses completely organic growing practices and would be considered “beyond organic”